Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CLASS 14 : Modeling and Animation II: Maya "Action Analysis"

Our last official class of the year, already!  Has the poor orphaned topic of 'Newton's Laws' been left til the very end? Horrors! I'll make some time for that and talk about how we can use them in our animation.

We'll also do a quick review of the 12 Principles of Animation - can you name them all without checking? 
 Disney animation genius Milt Kahl puts all the principles together 

I'll have time to give you feedback  you get your final projects closer to the finish line. I can also help you decipher any of the critiques you got on previous assignments and offer some tips for how to make your future projects even more awesome.

Don't forget your WIP Animation is due today at midnight. Please keep an eye on your file sizes - we'll go over this topic in class.

Reminder -- your Final Animation is due: 08/08/12 at midnight!