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Studio Technique teaches animation, figure drawing and art with the fantastic Disney-trained Samantha Youssef. Online classes as well as workshops and weekly sessions. 

Animation basics: The art of timing and spacing - TED-Ed

Fantastic overview of animation basics!

Please, please read this, students/grads/teachers -

51 Things Every Game Student Should Know by game dev vet Kaye Elling

Paperman Breakdown by John Kahrs

World of Level Design: Game World of Counterstrike by Alex Galuzin - 
Click here for over 600 screenshots of Alex's level art

Batman in 1 second flat.

The Dark Knight Rises from James D Wilson on Vimeo.

Toronto's Arc Animation to Provide Visual Effects for Halo 4
That's the studio right around the corner at Richmond & Sherbourne - 

"Arc’s work in breathtaking emotive animation and stunning visual effects made them the clear choice for our show which required everything from world building within the Halo universe to combat VFX to heavy creature animation” said director Stewart Hendler." - read more:
Watch all the coolness! (*not many spec fx until ep 3!)