Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK 11: Game Dev 2 DESN2017 Assignment 4 due next week

I hope your stagger animation is going well! I keep finding these little examples of animated run-stagger-recovery sequences for you -- please send me links if you find more!

This is a great example from Tangled. Once again it's another 90-degree change of direction. Watch how carefully the animator slows the character's momentum and rebalances the COG so he can continue running. 
This type of animation is very tricky. Be sure to show it in context -- the point of the exercise is to show how you handle the forces required.  

The last assignment will lead you back into the run so don't worry about having that part completed for next week. 

WEEK 11: Asset Dev DESN1086: Assignment 4 due in 2 Weeks

This class is for you to work on your character action. By the end of this class you should have animated your scene in rough.  Please check with me if you don't understand your marks or my notes from the last assignment.

Be sure to double check your naming conventions and formatting.

Street Fighter
Super Meat Boy


WEEK 11: Game Dev 4 DESN3012 Milestone 4 Due Next Week!

Morning, folks! Don't forget to sign in.

Your animation is due next week so I hope you have all your blocking done today so we can make any last-minute corrections in the final polishing phase. The polish pass is usually the most fun for animators - after all the hard work of blocking and posing, you finally get to finesse your shot and show everyone the lovely, fluid animation that's been playing in your head for days or weeks. :D

Digital Tutors recently released a really nice 1-hour tutorial on polishing techniques:

Many animators have documented their polishing process. Here's a really nice one from Malcolm Pierce who worked on Tangled and Ice Age 3:
“FINAL” thoughts on Refining and Polishing a shot.