Monday, May 27, 2013

WEEK 15: 2D Digital Art 1 - Assignment 4, completion

This is our last class for the semester! We'll be working through the final details of the portrait assignment. We'll be looking at using blending and custom brushes to refine details, soften transitions and add painterly effects. 
All assignments must be handed in in class today. You may also submit one previous assignment for regrading.  Please be very careful of your naming conventions and file sizes so you don't lose marks unnecessarily. 
Thanks for being such a hardworking class! Have a great summer.

WEEK 14: 2D Digital Art 1 - Class cancelled for Victoria Day holiday!

Reminder that there is no class this week. 

Next week is our final class of the year! 
All assignments to be marked must be handed in at the last class.