Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WEEK 6: Animation Direction 1 - Anatomy of Movement 1: the Skeleton

Human Anatomy 1 + Photoshop Basics
We'll park ourselves in lab 520 and begin part 1 of our Human Anatomy study: the skeleton.
Bring drawing materials, and a stylus if you have one.

ADIR1136 Assignment 3
Anatomy of Movement

Part 1: Skeleton
Part 2: Muscles
Assigned: October 14th
Due: October 25th <--NEW!
% of Final Grade: 20%  <--NEW!
Please keep file sizes under 2MB
Work large (2048px) but save final version at screen res.
(Ex: 1024 @ 72 DPI)


Please hand in by FTP

Part 1: Skeleton

Using a photo of  an action pose as a base layer, draw the underlying skeleton. Aim to make your drawing a portfolio piece that shows both your knowledge and your artistic skill. The drawing can be very detailed or you may generalize forms as shown in the study above.
This is most easily done digitally, but you can draw on tracing paper and scan it. Find your own photo or use one of these from ESPN's body issue.

Use lots of reference for the skeleton - Visible Body is very helpful but it  costs >$30.

Another great idea -- create a pose-able mini skeleton using a cheap model and sculptor's wax. Available on I called around and didn't find any in town.

Another option is to download a 3D model. The good ones are expensive (>$150). I searched Turbosquid for models under $25 and this is what popped up. One or two aren't terrible.

More here (these actually look better)

Looking for good skeletal system study reference? Click here!

WEEK 6: Character Acting 1 - Fight Direction 3

Our last week of fight direction --  level up to a new attack mode: swords!

Be equipped for both swashbuckling and sketching.

We'll have a look at some behind-the-scenes fight choreography from a little film called something like 'Star Battle' or 'Star Fighting' and do some frame-by frame studies.

Click here for photos + video of last week's knife-fighting class.

There can be only one! Highlander movie, that is! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WEEK 6: Texturing & Shading 1: WIP, Hydrant, continued

This week we'll continue unwrapping our fire hydrant, start painting our diffuse textures and  get ready to learn more about some new types of texture maps.

Check out what we've been up to so far:
Sample work from Assignment 2: Texture Reference Library showing examples of entropy (decay) around the city.

Sample work from Assignment 3: Sign Post -- learn UV unwrapping and create textures for a sign. Age it using photographic textures & hand-painted details to create diffuse, bump and alpha maps.

Lots of great stuff there, everybody -- looking forward to seeing what else you can do.