Student Sites

Abdul Ahad Tunio

Adam Posavad

Alex Thao

Alexander Zammit

Andrew Tavares

Andrew Wong 

Anthony Brand 

Arthur Marris

Billy Matjiunis 

Brandon Goonoo 

Brock Macaulay 

Cao Yi Qiang - Cloud ------ Site

Darryl Podolinsky

David Guevara

Dzmitry Babko

Emilio Angeles

Flynn Ringrose

Hien Pham 

James Arkwright

Jason Ko

Jay (Jordie) Scott

Jean-Rosch Prudencio

John Bilokrely

Jonathan Burton

Jordie Scott

Joseph Cassano
Main Site:

Justin Bettencourt 

Lawrence Pellegrini

Luis Guillen

Lyall Alex Sinclair-Barrett

Mark Bolibruch

Mat Hijazi

Matthew Luke

Matthew Sugrim

Matt Schwartz

Max Brown

May Solis

Michael Fernandes

Patrick Domingo

Rami Bahsous

Robert Wellon

Rob Martin

Shane Inch


Steve Stein

Sydney Benedet 

Teresa Strangis

Theodore Haynes

Tim Nguyen

Travis Peniston

Warren Riparip

Will Holmes

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  1. Add a comment with your blog/site links so I can post them. Don't forget to say who you are! :o)

    These are great! I suggest 'following' some blogs -- network with your class and see what everyone's up to.