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I've wanted to be an animator since I saw my first NFB cartoons as a kid.  I was obsessed with drawing. I filled sketchbooks with doodles and paintings.  My passion for observing and interpreting life and motion turned into a career that now spans more than 2 decades.

After an educational detour earning a French degree, I got my diploma in Classical Animation from Sheridan College. My animated adventures began at Richard William's Studio on the now-notorious Thief and the Cobbler.  My work in TV, films, games, commercials, and independent projects has brought me into collaboration with many other fantastic artists.

Creating compelling animation performances has inspired me to study nature, physics, acting, improvisation, colour and light... Animation is an endless learning opportunity. Not a day goes by without an observation that inspires me to create something new.

I look forward to finding out more about what inspires you.

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