Monday, October 22, 2012

Instructor of the Year Award: Visiting Digital Tutors Headquarters in Oklahoma City

With David Bittorf, Donovan Douglas,
and Digital Tutors' CEO, Piyoush Patel

This year George Brown students nominated me for Digital Tutors' CG and VFX Instuctor of the Year award! It was a great honour just to be nominated so thank you to everyone who voted for me. :o) It was even more amazing to be voted a top-3 finalist! I was very excited to be flown down with the 2 other finalists to spend a few days at the Digital Tutors' headquarters in Oklahoma.

If you're a DT user, you can imagine how funny it was to hang out with the guys behind the voices on the tutorials! That's Delano on the far left and Kyle on the far right, with Joshua, Eddie and Justin in the middle.

Here's a link to my write-up about the trip:
Swapping ideas with the fantastic DT instructors

Intercession Week!!