Friday, April 1, 2011

WEEK 12: Character Design Critique, Planning the Final Project

We'll have a look at everyone's final designs and make some suggestions. 

It's time for your final assignment!

Your mission is to create a little world of Flash-animated characters in a live-action environment.  You have a lot of creative freedom with this assignment. You can work by yourself or as a small group. 
It can be linework or colour, it can be serious, cartoony, depressing, or rude. This is a chance to let your creativity shine. Your character needs to be able to move around and ideally walk around.

We'll do some brainstorming in class so you can get started. For inspiration we'll be looking at a brilliantly whacko piece of Flash animation from the video "Animals
 by Minilogue.  Anything goes in Flash -- have some fun with it.

Final Assignment:
Due April 22nd:
In small groups or individually, create and animate a walking character on top of a locked live action background plate.

Due April 8th
Create a pitch for your idea.  Your pitch should include a description of your scenario, as well as drawings to show how your work will all fit with your live action plate.

If you don't have an original idea, you can use one of these:
  • Busking for bugs
  • Everybody in the salad
  • 5" UFO
  • Leaps tall buildings in a single bound
  • Other uses for the toilet
  • Badly disguised
  • Things on my foot
  • Urban Emissions

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