Monday, November 7, 2011

WEEK 10: Character Acting 1 -- Quadruped Study - Royal Winter Fair

Field Trip!!
Okay, that doesn't sound as fun as a Road Trip, but it's still pretty cool.

We'll be sketching 4-legged animals as part of our quadruped study. Sketching at the Royal is a long-standing tradition of animators and artists around the city (see attached!). It is very hard work but awesomely fun.
If you Google "sketching" and "Royal Winter Fair" you'll see a huge selection of intimidatingly beautiful work. Here are links to a couple of really good collections, one by a current Sheridan student and one by the rather well-known illustrator Bobby Chiu.

If you can't afford to come with us, or you want more practice drawing live animals, I heartily recommend a sketching trip to Riverdale Farm -- a free model farm in the heart of Cabbage Town, open every day from 9-5.
Visit it now before The Fords chop it forever!

soon to be you!

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