Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WEEK 2: Character Acting 2 -- Blended Game Cycles: Walks & Runs

Walking, continued..
We'll dig in to some more of the details from Richard William's lengthy chapter on walks.

Assignment 1: Walk Cycle
Assigned: 18/01/12
Due: 29/01/12
% of final grade: 20%

Use the pre-built humanoid skeleton or your own rig.

Animate a treadmill walk that clearly shows the personality and attitude of the character.
The timing (both frames per step and timing of secondary actions such as arm swings and head drag) should support the attitude and personality. The character should have a believable weight. Steps should be symmetrical (apparently if not mathematically) and the motion should be fluid and smooth without obvious pops or bumps. Body parts should be offset from one another a bit so every part of the action doesn't occur on the same frame.

Exemplary:  Clear personality and attitude, strong apparent weight, fluid motion with a strong grasp of all animation principles.
Excellent:  Apparent personality, weight and almost entirely fluid motion with a good grasp of nearly all animation principles.
Acceptable: Some personality and weight. Motion is mostly fluid with minor errors or missing animation principles.
Not Acceptable: Generic walk not convincingly heavy or not fluid with quite a few glitches or missing animation principles.

Equal weight will be given to:

  • Attitude/Personality
  • Weight
  • Pacing/Timing
  • Overlapping Actions / Secondary Motion

Please submit files by FTP. Instructions will be sent via email.

Please hand in 2 files named as follows:

Include any referenced files. Please watch your naming conventions. No caps, extra characters or spaces.
Feel free to number the files up to 999 as you like. It will help differentiate the files should you need to resubmit.

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