Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WEEK 7: Animation Direction 2 -- Milestone 2 critique: Puppet armature & set

This is the halfway-critique for your puppet armatures and sets, as well as a continued work period.

Puppet maker extraordinaire, Kathy Shultz, will be joining us again starting from 11 a.m!

The ongoing sharing of ideas, supplies, and the results of tests have been invaluable so far..

Milestone 3: Puppet, basic set completed
Assigned: 23/02/12
Due: 08/03/12 In class% of final grade: 20%

Puppet including costume, special features such as eye direction & blinks worked out, pose-ability, some testing completed. Set built and decorated. System for holding down character and set.

Exemplary: Puppet and set completed to a high level of polish, extensive testing or planning done.
Excellent: Puppet and set complete and some testing done.
Acceptable: Puppet and set complete with only minor details remaining.
Not Acceptable: Puppet and set not yet complete. Quite far behind schedule.

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