Saturday, May 26, 2012

CLASS 5: Modeling and Animation II: Flour Sack jump, continued

Continuing on with the flour sack...
Intermediate traditional animation techniques in Flash --
  • Working between Keys to create breakdowns and inbetweens. 
  • Combining pose-to-pose and straight ahead animation 
  • Timing & spacing for weight
  • Adding the secondary action
Posing is the most important key to making your animation great - 
Take a look at these flour sack poses you guys did last week & think about how they could communicate more clearly through a stronger line of action, simplification, and clearer weight.

Similar to the flour sack, the personality-filled rug from Disney's Alladin

This will be partly an in-class work period so I can help you work out the staging and timing for your flour sack assignments. I'll also be showing you some more tips and tricks for giving your flour sack weight & personality, both in the drawing and the timing.

And I have more 'toons for you: an incredible film by Ryan Woodward called "Thought of You" as well as the 'making of' that shows his expert use of the very tools you're using to animate the humble Flour Sack
Ryan Woodward's amazing digitally hand-drawn "Thought of You"

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