Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WEEK 2: Character Acting 1 - Mocap setup & Anatomy Review

Today we'll be splitting into groups to practice setting up the mocap system. We will be working in teams to collect measurements and set up the suits and begin capturing data. In class we'll be learning more about the system as well as doing some basic anatomy review. 
Seth Rogan mocaps for Paul
Skrillex does live mocap performance

Next Week! 
Assignment 1: Quiz on motion capture using the Xsens system 
Value: 10% 
Multiple-choice, one-hour, open-book quiz
Topics will include information covered in class on general specs of the Xsens system, how it is used including what types of applications and projects, its advantages or disadvantages over other types of mo-cap systems, set-up procedures and equipment
Pay special attention to these pages:
The quiz will also include a review of basic anatomy including major bones and muscles, sections of the spine, important landmarks. Here are some good study diagrams:

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  1. looks good, wish I could be there
    Hein Beute, Xsens