Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WEEK 3: Texturing & Shading 1 - Diffuse Map Painting

I'll be your model for this assignment :D
We'll pick up where we left off last week with editing the UV's for a simple low-res game model: the exciting "No Parking" sign.  If you were able to correctly UV the model and render a UV snapshot, you can get set to paint up in Photoshop any way you like.  We'll keep things simple with some photo textures from the internet... for now! But don't get stuck there. We're moving into Photoshop to doctor up our texture map and apply it to our models. If your first crack at UV'ing did not go too well (I can advise you in class) you will be given another option to use a pre-UV'd sign.

This class will be all about diffuse map painting.  We'll also talk about using photos in our textures and where to source good textures. 

Here are the videos we're using for this class. Sound will be added later :oD

Next week we'll add two more features to our sign: a bump map and alpha maps to add grass around the base of the sign. For this week, just focus on the diffuse (colour) map.
Some examples of signs from last term

Assignment 3: 10% Sign Textured
Click here for the rubric for this assignment
Assigned: Wednesday, Sept 19th, 2012
Due: October 3rd
 uploaded to the shared DropBox Assignment 3 folder before class
SAVE your work uncompressed (PSDs recommended)
SEND me only PNG's.
Maximum resolution: 2048x2048

Please do NOT put your files inside a folder.
Please do NOT zip your files.
Please follow the naming conventions exactly as given:

tdonovan_sign_grass_001.png (or tiff) (*you may have more than one grass file)
tdonovan_sign_alpha_001.png (or tiff) (*you will need an alpha for each grass file)

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