Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WEEK 11: Game Project Development 4 DESN3012

Morning, folks! Don't forget to sign in.

Here's another amazing free organizational tool for you: Trello!
I'm using it on a freelance job and it looks great! Great for groups or even folks like yourselves managing multiple deadlines:  https://trello.com/tour

I know you have animation due this week so I hope to help anyone who needs it with the final polishing  phase of your shot. The polish pass is usually the most fun for animators - after all the hard work of blocking and posing, you finally get to finesse your shot and show everyone the lovely, fluid animation that's been playing in your head for days or weeks. :D
Digital Tutors recently released a really nice 1-hour tutorial on polishing techniques:
Many animators have documented their polishing process. Here's a really nice one from Malcon Pierce  (Tangled, Ice Age 3)

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