Monday, September 30, 2013

WEEK 5: Motion Studies DESN1136 Assignment 2 Due Next Week!

Reminder: this Thursday is the last day to drop courses.

So you're busy on your thumbnails, right? I hope you're keeping it nice and simple. Don' add too much detail, just focus on planning the action.

I've heard from a few of you who are interested in improving your thumbnail drawing technique.
sample page from "Simplified Drawing"
Here are two resources perfect for planning animation. One is by a former teacher of mine and former ILM animator, Wayne Gilbert. You can buy his book directly for $35 including shipping here:
Wayne Gilbert's excellent book, "Anamie" or
"Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation"

sample page from Drawn to Life
A bigger, meatier resource is the 2-volume tome "Drawn to Life: 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes: Volume 1: The Walt Stanchfield Lectures"  by former Disney instructor,Walt Stanchfield. You can get these online or at Labyrinth. 

Read a great review here:

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