Monday, November 18, 2013

WEEK 12: Asset Development 1 DESN1083: Assignment 3 Due today

Assignment 4 -
NEW BERETTA 3D Model: 15 Marks
DUE DATE: WEEK 15 December 12th
@ BEGINNING OF CLASS on Blackboard
* Late submissions will receive ZERO marks.
Assignment 4 is to set up the model on a turntable for presentation.
Animate the gun in a 360 degree rotation and apply a lighting solution (ie, 3 point light set-up)
Once the model is lit and animated, render out as an AVI or an MOV.

Recommended settings:
Quicktime (MOV)

Compression H.264
1280 x 720
3 x 360 degree rotations - about 8 seconds
check your frame rate matches your output (24fps or 30 fps)


ex -

Here are some examples of turntables: 
Blaster Gun Game Model Turntable
Gun - Peacemaker 3D Turntable
Weapon Model Turntable

I added another Digital Tutors course for you in Modeling Basics called  Introduction to Camera Animation in 3ds Max. There is a specific unit called Creating Turntable Animation that you might find especially useful.

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