Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CLASS 9 : Modeling and Animation II: Pixar Story Quiz

Looking ahead to the 3D part of our course, it would be impossible to overlook the enormous influence of one studio: Pixar.  It's fitting that this week is the long-anticipated premiere of Pixar's "Brave". We'll be able to discuss it next week in the context of all they have accomplished from their very earliest experiments with motion graphics decades ago. 

This class aims to provide you with some basic general knowledge about the company that started the whole industry of CG animation.

We'll screen a feature documentary called, "The Pixar Story" and complete a short multiple choice quiz worth 5%.  The film will be screened in class and the quiz will only be open during class time (Wednesday, July 27th from 12-3pm). If you're away you can view the film on your own and complete the quiz remotely. If you are unable to complete the quiz during the scheduled time please contact me to make other arrangements. The film is available on YouTube in 9 parts or it may be available on Netflix. Click here to view the first 11 minutes.

(Note - this quiz will only be opened while the class is writing it)

Good luck!

Have a great break, everyone! 

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