Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CLASS 8: Modeling and Animation II: Anijam due! Wrapping up 2D Animation in Flash

Last class before the break!
First: our Anijam Debut! With any luck, everyone's films will cut together seamlessly and we'll have a few minutes of cinematic glory. It's a chance to sit back and ponder how well you've handled learning the complex process of hand-drawn animation, and a chance to look forward to a new set of challenges with 3D. Everything you've learned so far will make the next steps easier as all the animation principles are necessary to bring life to your 3D animation.
"DESN 1119 Anijam 2012" premieres 20/06/12
But that's not all we're doing this class! We'll leave shortly after our screening for a studio tour and it will take the rest of class. Bring TTC fare. 
Kathy Shultz, filmmaker of "A Sea Turtle Story"
As befits the end of our unit on hand-drawn animation, this week's tour is of the National Film Board of Canada -- a hotbed of independent film making for over 75 years!  As many of you may not yet appreciate the proud history of animation in Canada, the NFB has put together a short program of award-winning short animated films just for YOU. We're also fortunate to have as our personal tour guide NFB filmmaker Kathy Shultz who teaches stop motion at George Brown College. Kathy's film "A Sea Turtle Story" is currently showing in international film festivals. Sadly, the NFB's public viewing facilities are scheduled to close this Fall so enjoy them while they last!
we even got to try some stop motion animation!

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