Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 2: Balls, continued...

We'll delve into the 12 Principles in more detail and spend some time on gravity.

Click here to learn more about Newton's Laws of Motion

We'll polish those bouncing balls and by the end of class you should be able to know without a doubt what different types of action will result from different types of curves in your Graph Editor (Track View - Curve Editor).

For example, in the graph above, you can see there's a slow-in or slow-out for each key -- what type of motion would this produce? If this were a ball bounce, how could you adjust it to get the type of action you really want?

  • Polish Animation on 2 contrasted bouncing balls and upload them to your portfolio (don't forget to add the address of your site to the comments on the blog)
  • Suggested tutorial: The 12 Principals of Animation in 3dsMax on Digital Tutors

NEXT WEEK -- we're doing some video recording in the studio -- Dress for action :o)

Meet at the class and we'll walk over.

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