Friday, April 15, 2011

WEEK 13: Rigging Part 3

We'll review the leg -- you should be able to rig it from scratch in about 15 min, including setting up CTRL objects for the Heel, Tip, Toe, Ball, Ankle

Keep practicing this until you have it down in 15 min

Let's get into skinning, starting with some notes about constraints.

Next: painting weights.

Practice skinning and be very comfortable with it by next week.
*Note - this method is quickly becoming obselete -- nowadays it’s increasingly common to use influence objects to add corrective blend shapes to the geo instead of skinning and painting weights

New topic: SPLINE IK

Homework Challenge -- Create an IK/FK blend behaviour (without using the Maya automatic blending) using a 3-joint chain (looks like an arm with a bend in the elbow)

Your Final Exam will be posted on MONDAY, April 18, due FRIDAY, April 22nd.

Thanks for being such a great class! 
Enjoy your break!

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