Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WEEK 2: Character Acting 1

Walking, yes indeed..

Starting with a bit of review from last year, we will quickly dig into much more detail in our study of bipedal human locomotion.  You'll be creating the first of your motion studies for use next term as reference for your 3D walks.  We'll work from video to analyze the inner workings of a walking character. Sequential studies are difficult but invaluable, and excellent portfolio material.

We'll go over basic mechanics and then delve into the details - conveying personality through posture, stride length, timing, and attitude.  We'll also study some foot and lower leg anatomy to give our character drawings strength and stability.

Click here to download an example of realistic walk reference. 

A metronome is very handy for animating walks and many other actions. There are tons of free metronomes online and free metronome apps.
Click here for a handy chart comparing metronome beats to frames per second.

You'll need 3 things for all our motion study classes: drawing materials, cameras/tripods if you have them, and some energy for acting. :o)

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