Monday, November 21, 2011

WEEK 12: Character Acting 1 -- Acting for Cinematics 2: Monologues, long-shots

Do you feel lucky... to get acting classes? Hellz ya!
We'll continue with our close-up monologues and start working on the long shots. The new scenes  require you to do a little more acting -- you may have to walk around, gesture, perhaps storm off in a huff or plead your case.  As with last week, spend some time listening to the tracks.  Choose one to use for class this week. Download and bring in the track on an mp3 player and don't forget your headphones. You're welcome to bring props, cameras, etc.

Here's the link to the tracks for this week:

Click here to download all the script excerpts to study or print.

Assignment 6:  Monologues Long Shot
Assigned: November 23th
Due: December 4th
% of Final Grade: 10%
Please keep file sizes under 2MB

Choose one of the long-shot monologues and deliver a compelling performance to the voice track. Record it on video using a camera or webcam.  Make sure the audio and video sync well, it's in focus, well-lit and well composed.

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