Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WEEK 3: Animation Direction 2 -- Guest speaker: Stop motion animator Luke Mistruzzi & a tour of Cuppa Coffee

We're starting sharp at 12 in the Octagon - I have some tasks for you to work on for the afternoon.
Next we're getting a visit from Luke Mistruzzi, Creative Director / Animator at Powerline Films and former Cuppa Coffee stop-motion animator.

As I detailed in my email, Luke has arranged for us to tour Cuppa Coffee!  

We'll have to go over in small groups. Meanwhile, you guys can get started on your projects:

Milestone 1: Planning
Assigned: 19/01/12
Due: 02/02/12 In class (next week)
% of final grade: 20%

Create a detailed plan for your project. Please keep your ideas simple and contained. You should include:
  1. a production schedule, 
  2. a storyboard and/or animatic, 
  3. a drawing of your set plan including top-down view, and 
  4. a drawing of your puppet including a plan for the armature.
  5.  technically challenging R&D should be included here such as green screen, plans for moving characters that fly or jump
You would be wise to include a 'plan b' in case you run behind schedule. 

Exemplary: Thoroughly planned, detailed and clear presentation with all aspects of the project well organized. Timelines seem reasonable, solutions to technical challenges anticipated.
Excellent: Well-planned, clear overall package with most aspects of the project well organized. Timelines outlined and solutions to most technical challenges anticipated.
Acceptable: Overall plan of the project completed with minimal missing elements. Timelines suggested and some technical challenges outlined.
Not Acceptable: Project not thoroughly planned. Timelines vague, missing elements, not much anticipation of technical challenges.

Good luck!

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