Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WEEK 12: Animation Direction 2 : Field Trip to TIFF + Work period for Milestone 5

If you're coming to the CASO event (and you should because it's part of our class) I'll see you at TIFF  -- more info here:

We'll meet back at school at 2:00 for the last hour of class to continue with your work on Milestone 5. Please bring your questions or WIP. I'm there til 6 so you can use the equipment. Be sure to sign out the gear! Check the schedule to see what's available:
I do hope you're staying for Bobby Chiu's awesome talk - I've heard him several times and I definitely wouldn't miss it. He always makes me want to draw more. See you in 515 at 7:00!

Here's a video from his recent Master Class attended by some illustrious members of GBC.

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