Sunday, April 1, 2012

WEEK 13: Modeling and Animation II - Character design and pitch group critique

We'll have a look at everybody's designs and hear their ideas for their final assignment. Last year there was a huge variety of styles -- some extremely creative and funny -- from zombie weightlifters to Ninja strawberries to eels hiding in underwater caves. 

Over the next couple of classes I'll show you a couple of essential Flash tools for integrating your characters with your photo or video environments.  
some of the widely varied designs from last year's class
Next .. Walk Cycles: The walk cycle is a tricky but basic part of every animation curriculum.  You're going to learn the nuts-and-bolts of bipedal locomotion, and try to apply them to your character.  If your character doesn't have 2 legs, that's ok, just practice with a generic guy or stick figure for now. This is a topic that needs revisiting to really sink in. 

We'll have a look at some beautiful 2D reference from some of the masters of animation who really pushed the medium to the limit.
Pencil Test Depot

Living Lines Library

Walk Cycle Depot

The classic 4-key walk cycle. There are other types of walks, but this is the most common

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