Monday, April 2, 2012

WEEK 13: Animation Direction 2: Final Stretch!!

This class is a group critique of everyone's raw, unedited footage. This will be the last chance to confer with me and your peers about any last-minute shooting complications.  The rest will be a work period for any reshoots or editing.
Farzad shows those deadlines who's the boss

Final Assignment: Completed Film including titles and sound
Assigned: 05/04/12
Due: 19/04/12 In class
% of final grade: 20%

Edit your final footage together and post-effects like comp'd bgs, lighting, colour adjustments, image stabilization, eye/mouth tracking, titles and sound.

Leave storyboard panels in place of any missing shots to preserve continuity.

Have a look over your assignment sheet from the beginning of the course to remind yourself of all the parameters we've discussed.

Exemplary:  All shots edited together into a cohesive whole piece. A high level of polish in lighting, camera work and comp effects.
Excellent: Almost all shots edited together into a good first attempt at stop-motion. A good degree of consistency in lighting, camera, and comp effects.
Acceptable: Most shots edited together with only minor technical problems.
Not Acceptable: Fewer than half the shots completed or many shot complete but having major technical problems.

Best of luck to everyone!!

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