Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WEEK 14: Modeling and Animation II - WIP critique and work period

We'll continue our discussion about 2D walks and have a look at how everyone's work is going so far. You will have some time to work in class on the final assignment which is due April 18th.

I highly recommend you map out your entire project by keying all the major poses before digging into the breakdowns and inbetweens. If you run out of time, focus on taking one section to completion. "Complete" means all the animation is finished on 2's. You can have holds, moving holds, and cycles, but the action should all be smooth and the volumes as consistent as possible.

I will be going over your WIP to find areas of improvement in the timing and spacing, emphasizing all the principles of animation we've been focusing on.

But there's always time for cartoons!

We'll have a look at a highly creative piece by Sjors Vervoort called, “Cardboard, a Cardboard animation!” While often mislabeled 'stop motion', this piece is really just traditional, hand-drawn animation but rendered on epic-sized cardboard cutouts as you can see from the 'making of' still below. If you ever find yourself thinking Flash is a pain, remember this film and think how much work it would be to create!

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