Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WEEK 14: Character Acting 2: Acting scene, continued: Adding the final details

Lessons in simplicity from the Muppets
The eyes add a huge amount of subtle character.

We'll have a look at your work in progress which should include all major poses, breakdowns, and important facial keys.

Moving on to your third and final stage before next week's critique -

Step Three: Refining the action, adding the details.
Due in class & on FTP 04/18/12
Now's the time to dig into the details like eye blinks and darts, adding overlapping action, any bend bows or smears on the head, arms, and hands, and yes, finally, mouth shapes.

I have a lot of information for you about animating dialogue from masters of animation like Ollie Johnson and Art Babbit.

I recommend you read Richard William's chapter on 'Flexibility in the face' 246-250

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