Sunday, April 1, 2012

WEEK 13: Character Acting 2: Acting scene, continued: Adding the extremes

We'll take a look at your blocking from last week and tweak it before moving on to the next stage.

I'll also show you an example of great blocking from Sony Imageworks' lead animator, Kevin Webb.
Sony Imageworks' Kevin Webb's blocking & final animation 

Step Two:  Adding the extremes 
Due in class 04/11/12:
Also called adding breakdowns or tie downs. Working between the main poses, refine the timing and motion by adding more keys. If you've been using stepped keys, it's time to switch to spline and flat tangents, may I recommend you do that a section at a time. Now's the time to start adding moving holds, fingers & some facial details, but not yet time for full lip sync and eye details like blinks and darts.

Tweak your camera to flatter your action but consider it as locked as possible from now on.

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