Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WEEK 9: Animation Direction 2 -- Milestone 3 Critique: Completed Puppets & Sets

Welcome back!
I'm so looking forward to seeing your completed puppets and sets.  Please document all your work digitally so I have a record for marking.  With the huge variety of media and styles we'll have a lot to talk about in terms of next steps for lighting and shooting.  I have a lot of information for you about timing for stop-motion animation to get you thinking about how to proceed.

Milestone 4: Lighting tests
*(Animatic may be shot at this stage)
Assigned: 08/03/12
Due: 19/03/12  via FTP
% of final grade: 10%

Shoot a series of production stills to test all your lighting set ups. Shoot at least one per scene.  Submit high-res, 720p images (1280 x 720). The style of lighting is appropriate for your mood and subject and is as professional-looking as possible, i.e., no unintentional colour-casts, completely black shadows, blown-out highlights, shadows of off-screen items like your head or the lighting rigs. Images should be in clear focus.  Edit the images if necessary to show your final desired output if you plan to use any special AfterEffects treatments.

Naming convention:

Exemplary: Images for all scenes very well lit and composed images with creative flair and professionalism.
Excellent: Images for most scenes well lit and composed images with some creativity and professionalism.
Acceptable: Images for some scenes fairly well lit and composed with only a few minor errors.
Not Acceptable: Images missing for most scenes or badly lit or composed with some major errors.

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