Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WEEK 9: Character Acting 2: Quadrupeds

Welcome back!

Building on your detailed study of bipedal locomotion, we're progressing to a whole new level with quadrupeds. Some of you did some pretty in-depth analysis of 4-legged walks last term for Assignment 3. You might even be able to use or build on the hand-drawn posing you already did for this assignment.  

I'll share a ton of reference material to help get you started -- info from books, lectures, animation, and live action.
Click here for a link to some helpful reference. 

We'll crack open a couple of free 3D rigs - you can try the free rig from the Digital Tutors course "Animating Quadrupeds in Maya", or try using Koko -- a cartoony dog -- or Rhett -- a realistic horse - from Creative Crash (you need to create an account to download them):

* Rhett the Clydesdale is currently down for updates! Boo...

Click here for the Rhett rig with a tail.


Assignment 4: Quadruped Walk
Assigned: 06/03/12
Due: 26/03/12
% of final grade: 20%
Animate a seamless, looping quadruped walk cycle. It should look good from any angle. Show it in a turntable or from multiple views. The walk is the essential part of this assignment. For extra credit you can transition into another gait (trot, canter, gallop). You could also try adding some variation to the walk, for example a head movement or navigating over an obstacle.

Use a pre-built quadruped rig of your choice.


Exemplary: Strong apparent weight, snappy timing and fluid motion with a strong grasp of all animation principles including secondary/overlapping action on details like the ears and tail.

Excellent: Apparent weight and almost entirely fluid motion with a good grasp of nearly all animation principles including a good attempt at secondary action.

Acceptable: Mostly apparent weight. Motion is mostly fluid with minor errors or missing animation principles. Some attempt at secondary action.

Not Acceptable: Not convincingly heavy or not fluid with quite a few glitches or missing animation principles. no apparent secondary action.

Equal weight will be given to:
Weight, Timing, Fluidity, Overlapping Actions/Secondary Motion

Please submit files by FTP.
Please hand in 2 files, your playblast and your maya file.
You can hand in videos in any standard format except .wmv.
Ex: .mov, .avi, .mp4,
Naming convention:

Include any necessary referenced files. Please watch your naming conventions. No caps, extra characters or spaces. Feel free to number the files up to 999 as you like. It will help differentiate the files should you need to resubmit.

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