Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WEEK 6: Motion Studies - Anatomy of Movement 1: the Skeleton

Please note that for this week and next week the class has been moved to Room 520 at 3:00 pm  Bring drawing materials, and a stylus.
 Animation speed drill o' the day: handstand idle
It can be a funny handstand or a serious one. Once the pose looks nice see if you can turn it into an idle cycle.

Human Anatomy 1 + Photoshop Basics
We'll work in the Cintiq labs (TBA) and begin part 1 of our Human Anatomy study: the skeleton.

Motion Studies Assignment 3
Anatomy of Movement:
Part 1: Skeleton
Part 2: Muscles
Assigned: October 12th
Due: November 2nd
% of Final Grade: 20%
Work large (ex 2048px) but save final version at 
1024 px x @ 72 pixels/inch


Please hand in by FTP
Part 1: Skeleton

Using a photo of  an action pose as a base layer, draw the underlying skeleton. Aim to make your drawing a portfolio piece that shows both your knowledge and your artistic skill. The drawing can be very detailed or you may generalize forms as shown in the study above.
This is most easily done digitally, but you can draw on tracing paper and scan it. Find your own photo or use one of these from ESPN's body issue.

Use lots of reference for the skeleton -Visible Body is very helpful but it  costs >$30.

Another great idea -- create a pose-able mini skeleton using a cheap model and sculptor's wax. Available on Amazon.com. I called around and didn't find any in town.

Another option is to download a 3D model. The good ones are expensive (>$150). I searched Turbosquid for models under $25 and this is what popped up. One or two aren't terrible.

More here (these actually look better)

Looking for good skeletal system study reference? Click here!

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