Sunday, October 7, 2012

WEEK 6: Texturing & Shading 1 - unwrapping more complex models, creating texture libraries

Our next texturing challenge is a bit more complex -- a beat-up old fire hydrant. Together we'll work through the UV'ing of a pre-built model.

century-old hydrant at King & Jarvis
Click here to download the model.

Next week we'll wrap up the UV's in class and answer any questions that may have come up.

To help you continue your work at home, we've made you some very helpful tutorials which we'll go through over the next couple of weeks.
6 UV Layout

But let's not get stuck UV'ing for the whole class -- the next assignment is all about how texturing shows the effects of time, use, and weather. You will be going into the wild to start taking photo reference of urban decay.  Using these photos you will be creating a style guide for your upcoming texturing project.

Assignment 4: Texture Reference Library & Guide
Value: 20%
Click here for the rubric for this assignment
Assigned: 10/10/12
Due: Wednesday, Oct 31st, before class

1) Shoot and process a library of at least 10 photo textures related to your fire hydrant project. In addition you may include related reference images such as backgrounds, ground and wall treatments.
2) Create a reference guide using your photos showing how you will approach the texturing of the hydrant assignment.  (Note: you do not have to follow the guide exactly for the texturing assignment.)

Make your photos look their best by fixing levels, contrast, hue & saturation to bump up details and get rid of fake-looking colour casts. Images should be clear, in focus, and free from extraneous detail.  Textures should be ready to use with shadows or highlights removed. Shoot in flat light, dry weather, perpendicular to your subject. Avoid perspective and warping by zooming in from a few steps back. If it's potentially tileable, shoot a large enough surface area.  If it's a detail, get close enough to the subject.

Remind yourself of keys to good textures on this site:

SAVE your images at any resolution.
SEND me your images only as NON-interlaced PNGs.
Measurement of longest edge: 2048
File naming convention:

photo textures:

reference images:

reference guide:

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