Monday, November 5, 2012

WEEK 10: Character Acting 1: Run Cycles, continued , plus tips for polishing your animation

Speed drill o' the day - the get-up that didn't get done last time ;o)
the rig: Heavy - in all likelihood a guy that big would require some sort of extra deformation to lie him down with nice ground contact. But we'll pose him lying down and have him stand up making him look as heavy as possible - in under 1 hour - great practice exercise!

Run cycles, continued -
If you're looking for some interesting naturalistic run reference I highly recommend the 1998 movie "Run, Lola, Run" by Tom Tykwer (who also directed Cloud Atlas). This movie is a study in running. You'll see Lola's run from every angle as she tears through the streets of Berlin.

Click to view larger
Click the image for the animation
There's a lot of detail in this 15-frame run so I took it apart for you. Check out all the secondary action, the extreme twisting in the spine and counterbalancing and looseness in the hips and shoulders. Also note she isn't a world-class sprinter, so you'll see extra energy-wasting movements that Usain Bolt mght not have, details that might be just the elements you could borrow to give your runs a human touch. Note the extension of the legs and feet as they propel the body forward and the dynamic line of action that flows through the whole body from head to toe. There's a lot to study here.
Click the images for the animation

I also want to make sure we're getting a handle on blending from the walk to the run. This is something you should film or try yourself.

Lastly, we'll talk about polishing your animation -- cleaning up arcs, adding in subtleties that make it look professional and crisping up your poses so they can be read clearly.

For the next 3 classes, you have Fight Direction  classes with guest instructors, Simon Fon and Mike Dufays from Riot A.C.T.  Class starts at 12 sharp in the Octagon.  Dress for action.

Please welcome my replacement, Mike Swiegot who starts next week.

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