Monday, November 5, 2012

WEEK 10: Texturing & Shading 1: 3D Painting with Viewport Canvas and Photoshop

Viewport Canvas in 3ds Max
Did you know you could have been painting right in your 3DS Max viewport this whole time? Well.. you can, with Viewport Canvas and Photoshop's relatively new 3D toolset. We'll take a crack at it and very quickly learn what advantages and disadvantages there may be to painting in the 3D viewport.

There are lots of helpful resources for these tools:
We have 3 helpful tutorials:
1 - Intro to Viewport Canvas
2 - Viewport Canvas part 2
3 - Viewport Canvas part 3

Click here to download the material files for this class. 

Click here for the Digital Tutors: "Using the Viewport Canvas" - video #44 in the Intro to 3DS Max series.

Click here for the Autodesk Help pages about Viewport Canvas.

Autodesk's "Viewport Canvas toolset" is a good brief overview as well.

3D paint in PS

Click here for the Digital Tutors course:"Painting on 3D surfaces in Photoshop"

Please welcome my replacement, Jamie Richards who starts next week.

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