Monday, September 2, 2013

WEEK 1: Motion Studies DESN1136

Welcome to Motion Studies!
Please remember to sign in at every class.
Have a look at the outline for the course and familiarize yourself with the 
Concept art from Machinarium

academic policies.
Motion Studies continues your animation study by focusing first on the production methods used to create animated sequences. From concepts and character designs to story boards and finally animation you'll try out many of the roles in a professional animation pipeline.

For the first 7 weeks of this course we will focus exclusively on DRAWING so always bring sketchpads and pencils. Later on we'll be shooting some video reference to guide the animation process.

There are 9 Assignments for this course due weekly or bi-weekly. 
Machinarium final artwork

Assignment 1:

DESN1136 Assignment 1 Rubric
Concept Design
% of final grade: 20%
Assigned: Tuesday, Sept 3rd
Due: Tuesday, September 24th IN CLASS
Character designs from Machinarium
*Late assignments are worth 0

Please work in PSD in high resolution but SUBMIT  only JPGs following the image formatting guidelines from this post.



Create a concept pack for a virtual independent game complete with design sketches for the character and environment, a story outline, and one story boarded sequence. The sequence should be planned around the walk, run, and jump cycles to be animated in the second half of the course. It should show how the character will interact with the environment. Drawings need not be clean but they should be clear, dynamic, and detailed.

Keep your ideas simple. The graphic style should be very easy to sketch so all your ideas can be presented within the allotted time. Consider that you will be one modeling and rigging the character when you design it. Click here for a detailed description of this assignment

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