Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WEEK 1: Game Project Development DESN 3010

Welcome to Game Project Dev 3!
Please remember to sign in at each class.
This is a portfolio-building class that will give you time to complete your own pieces and to get feedback from industry pros. You could find yourself working on a game here at school or in the industry.
This class is strictly a work period and no lectures or formal instruction will be given aside from one-on-one critiques. Use your time productively so you don't fall behind or distract students around you. You will not be permitted to use this lab for gaming or web surfing except at designated breaks.

Your grade will be the cumulative total of 5 assignments DUE IN CLASS, each worth 20%.
All the assignments are your own choice but must be approved by me to receive a grade.

Milestone 1:  ex 5-10 second piece of animation. Value: 20%
* Late submissions will receive ZERO marks.
In-class you would want to show:
WEEK 2: thumbnails
WEEK 3: rough posing in 3D
WEEK 4: final animation - Playbasts are fine. No rendering required.

3010_ (mov, m4v, mpeg, etc)

Please read my post about file sizes, aspect ratios and codecs. We will go over this in class.
We will be using a few tools to simulate a professional animation workflow. Please check email regularly for invites to shared folders and applications you may need to join for this class.

What types of pieces should you create? Well, SHORT ONES. Keep it simple. You should animate 20-30 short pieces over the year or two if you can for practice and expand on the ones you like best. By the end of term you should have 5 pieces of 5-10 second of animation or concept work.

some great ideas to get you started. 
Avoid obvious noob mistakes like having obnoxious content or a style so niche that would only appeal to one tiny studio. The rest is common sense -
-keep it short 30-90 seconds MAX - <2 min if you're a professional.
-only show your best work - be ruthless and cut everything that doesn't quite work
-make each character unique in their movements and personality
-try to find new rigs
-show your range

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