Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WEEK 2: Asset Development 1 DESN1083

standard police and military issue Beretta 92F
 Now that your first week madness is behind you I hope you're really digging into the thumbnailing process for this assignment. I've shared a Digital Tutors playlist with you on creating concept art to get you in the right frame of mind.

Here's an excellent tutorial from concept artist and GBC instructor Ted Kim about his design process for creating weapon concept art.
The fully-loaded version with whistles & bells plus optional cappucino-maker
Today I'll have a look at your work-in-progress and answer any questions you might have, and hopefully show you some examples of successful past assignments from this course. 
Low-detail Beretta from Resident Evil, missing
takedown lever, the majority of the slide release lever,
and has a made-up logo 
When you're drawing, think about the difference between a REAL Beretta 92F and the stylized versions used in many movies and videogames. Here's a catalogue of this gun in many games -
Are those Berettas from Black Lagoon ginormous
or is she just super tiny?
These Berettas from 2001
Max Payne look teensy

Look online for more inspiring types of concept art, such as that of the incredibly prolific Scott Roberston.
Scott Robinson - concept artist extraodinaire

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