Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WEEK 9: Asset Development 1 DESN1083: Assignment 3 Due in 3 weeks! (November 21st)

Happy Hallowe'en!

Well, your next assignment isn't due for another few weeks but don't let that kill your momentum! Better to press on with as much energy as you can and get it done early than leave it to the last minute. You're still pretty new to modeling, most of you, anyway, so I made a beginner modeling playlist for you with about 19 hours of instruction. This takes you through everything from basic theory to creating simple props to professional workflows to ways to improve your existing models. You should have everything you need to get you started and maximize your skills no matter what your level. If you're struggling, there should be a peer tutor available for you every day in the lab. If not, do remind Jean-Paul that you need some extra help and one should be available soon.  Failing that, share your resources - no one's good at everything and if you get someone to help you, you can always help them with something in return or at least get them a sandwich.
What goes around truly does come around!

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