Monday, November 4, 2013

WEEK 10: Motion Studies DESN1136 Idle, continued! Transitioning into Walk Cycles

Today we'll continue with the idle adding refinements to the overall action such as overlapping action and tweaking the curves in the graph editor to make sure everything is smooth.  If you're happy with your idle, try another one from scratch in a contrasted pose. Perhaps you could make an 'extended idle' that transitions from one idle to another.
The Digital Tutors tutorial "Animating Game Characters in Maya" takes you through the creation of a character-specific game idle. Starting from a strong character pose, the animator sets up a simple keep-alive idle with overlapping action and uses the graph editor to alter and refine the action. 

I'll go over how to set up your playblasts so you can hand them in next week. 

There seemed to be some confusion with the difference between IK and FK last week so we can do an exercise to clarify that concept a bit more. Here's a link I sent out to a 1-pg explanation of IK and FK Demystified for Animators

If we have time I'll lead into walk cycles by working on the transition from idle to the first step forward - this takes quite a bit of finessing and if you can figure it out you'll be that much further ahead when we officially start walks next week. 

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