Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WEEK 10: Asset Dev DESN1086: Assignment 3 DUE, Assignment 4 starts today!

Assignment 3 due today!

Assignment 4 hand-out today -


DUE DATE: WEEK 13 (in-class) April 3rd
20 Marks
*ZERO marks for late submissions

Develop an action animation (side-scrolling) for the character you designed in Assignment 1. The animation should be consistent with your character’s design and personality as shown in previous assignments.

Use thumbnails and rough sketches to explore your ideas. Establish your key poses first (minimum 6 frames). Any additional in-between frames are more to support the main action found in your key poses.

Action can be some form of attack (kick, punch, sword slash etc) or other suitable action (evade/dodge, ground roll etc).

In the examples from Limbo the character runs, jumps, climbs, and hangs from objects. What do the characters do in your favorite side scrollers that your character might do?

A) Thumbnail sketches – minimum 6 key poses
B) Line-test animation – preliminary animation
C) Final animation – polished B&W or Colour

1086_A4_YOUR-NAME_actionlinetest.mov or .gif
1086_A4_YOUR-NAME_actionfinal.mov or .gif
Ex - 1086_A4_BEIBER-JUSTIN_actionthumbs.jpg (last name first, please!)
Thumbnails should be no more than 1200 px wide
Animation should be no more than 640 px along longest edge.
Mov files should be compressed using H.264 or other standard codec using Adobe Media Encoder, Handbrake or QT pro.

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