Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WEEK 10: Game Dev 2 DESN2017 Assignment 4 due in 2 weeks!

Please let me know if you have any WIP to show me. It's good to get some feedback before you get too deep into your work. You have a couple of weeks left so you should be into your blocking this week. Next week you should aim to have all your animation finished in rough so you can polish it in the last week.

I'm really not finding much in the way of run-stagger-recover reference (here's a good excuse to do some video reference shooting if you'd like to borrow equipment like cameras and tripods just ask me).

A large part of making this assignment work has to do with how you handle the shifting of weight. This is true of any full-body animated scene. Here's a great student piece by "Kolin" from Animation Mentor (Kolin, if you're reading this, please tell me your full name so I can properly identify you!)

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