Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Balls... continued: Adjusting timing in 3dsMax

Click to view avi of ball before timing adjustment
I've had a few questions about the bouncing ball so here are some details that may help you.

The timing of the ball is dependent on two things: the number of frames per bounce, and the spacing of the ball's position on each frame.

The weight of the ball is conveyed by how fast and how high it bounces, as well as how quickly it seems to rebound off the floor.

Click to view avi of ball after timing adjustment
This is entirely adjustable in the graph (curve) editor using the tangent (bezier) handles. Select "Custom" tangents and hold "Shift" while adjusting them. This may take some practice. The steeper the angle of the curve, the faster the timing. There should never be any slow in or out off the floor for any weight of ball. 

About AVI's:  I created a ground plane (and froze it!) because the grid doesn't show up well in my avi. I shot mine at 60% resolution and my file size was only about 500kb.

Click here for the sample files explaining how to adjust timing in 3dsMax.

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