Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 3: Running with Squirrels

Click here to view a Run Cycle by Michael Sabalvaro
You may be relieved to note that animating a RUN cycle is much easier than animating a WALK cycle.
That's because one of the key difficulties is removed -- ground contact.  Just like a bouncing ball, however, the running character must show the effects of gravity through your control of spacing and timing.

For the next few cycles we're going to be using the proxy rig of our game character, "Surly".  Surly is NDA, peoples.. So no posting on your blogs!  :o)

Click here to download the Surly Squirrel Proxy Rig

*UPDATE* -- Surly now has knee controls. This new rig may or may not be compatible with your existing animation - Please see the new post about updating file references.

I suggest that you use Surly as your main rig so the 1st years will be able to use your work as reference for the game.  I encourage you to make some time to test other rigs to learn as much as you can in preparation for your rigging classes.

  •  Create at least one smooth run cycle.  You can choose a style and a speed. Once the mechanics are solid, add as much character as you can into your cycle.
  • Wait until the run is working and then attempt to add secondary on the tail. Keep it subtle and  make sure it loops.
  • This cycle should work from all angles, especially the side view.


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